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About Orderaweb Web Development

Orderaweb Web Development specialises in constructing web sites for companies, particularly small and medium sized businesses that need a presence on the internet for a budgeted price. We have a number of set price points that will let you know what you are getting for your money. We can also update existing web sites including optimising them for search engines, and can offer advanced features such as e-commerce to sell your goods on-line or other powerful features to collect information from your customers.

We have a good background knowledge across a wide range of businesses and can advise the best way to promote your company on the internet. We only advise you options which we think you need and would help expand your business. We tell you this in a straight forward language you will understand.

We can offer marketing systems both on-line and off-line that are very cost effective that will bring potential customers into your website and to your business.

Just some of the services we offer

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